Quench Your Skinʻs Thirst & Say Cheers to Healthy Skin! – This natural and gentle based body wash is formulated with moisturizing ingredients, including Chamomile Extract, Glycerin and Allantoin, feeling naturally soft and smooth. Pasión moisturizing body wash helps to wash away the dayʼs stress and get a good nightʼs sleep. Add Pasión to your everyday bath routine!

Relaxing | Calming | Moisturizing

Calming Body Wash

(Yuzu White Tea)
Invigorating | Purifying | Moisturizing

Energizing Body Wash

(Ginger & Kaffir Lime)
Glowing | Hydrating | Moisturizing

Moisturizing Body Wash

(Tropical Vacation)
Boosting | Recharging | Moisturizing

Power Up! Body Wash

Activating | Restoring | Moisturizing

Refreshing Body Wash

(Blue Lemonade)
Tranquilizing | Harmonizing | Moisturizing

Soothing Body Wash

(Oriental Lotus)

Moisturizing Series